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The “Kind Gifts” social project

The core work will be done by sewing workshop artisans.
Project deadlines
01.08.2021 – 31.08.2021

The “Kind Gifts” social project is oriented to the accompanied employment of adults with disabilities and assistance to low-income families of Novouralsk. Within the scope of the project, 5 adults with disabilities from Novouralsk will be employed in the sewing and paper workshops of the ANO NPSPO “Blagoe Delo” for 3 months, where they will make 50 gift sets of bed linen with packaging for low-income families of Novouralsk. The sets will include a bed linen and a branded craft bag with the logos of the UECC and the NGO “Blagoe Delo”. People with disabilities will be provided with support at the workplaces and career guidance sessions from social work specialists and workshop managers. They will learn how to work in a team, how to sew on sewing machines and how to handle scrapbooking tools (work with craft paper), so they could use their potential in work and determine their future profession. The career guidance session in workshops will help them to develop work skills and habits. Gift sets made by people with disabilities in a course of the project will be donated to low-income families of Novouralsk, namely to 50 families, at the partnership and information support of the Department of Social Policy of the city of Novouralsk. So, a small family festival with a music concert, a meeting of low-income families and people with disabilities, and a presentation of the results of the project will be held at the Center for Inclusive Culture ANO NPSPO “Blagoe Delo” (Verh-Neuvinsky, Karl Marx str., 24). Thus, the project will be aimed at alleviating two social problems at once – the employment of adults with disabilities and the welfare of low-income families from Novouralsk.

[knd_key_phrase subtitle=”Scope of project”]Accompanied employment of adults with disabilities and assistance to low-income families from Novouralsk[/knd_key_phrase]
  • Organization of accompanied employment for adults with disabilities.
  • Production of gift sets for low-income families
  • Conducting a family festival
Project budget
63,000 rubles

Project news


The project is being implemented with the financial support of the Ural Electrochemical Plant