History of “Blagoe Delo”

The building where our workshops are located

Date of the organization registration: 30.06.2005.

The official history of the organization “Blagoe Delo” begins in 2006, but the idea of creating appeared in 1998, when two teachers-enthusiasts – Vera Simakova and Svetlana Zub – came to the idea of creating in Novouralsk a group of additional education (class of curative pedagogy) for children with disabilities who are outside the educational system for health reasons. This idea was implemented with the active support of Vladimir Golyshev, Deputy head of the city, and Inna Deshkovets, Director of the Center for Creativity of Pupils and Youth. A class where initially seven pupils studied appeared on the base of the Center.

Vera Simakova and people from “Blagoe delo”

A year later pedagogical theatre Studio, where in a short time there were already 25 people, was added to the class of curative pedagogics. At the same time, the parents of the children participated in the activities of the Studio. By 2005, the success of the initiative had brought its authors to a qualitatively new level. The next step was the creation of center for labor and art therapy for adults with disabilities. Therefore the organization “Blagoe Delo” appeared.


Since 2001, the educational center, which was engaged in training seminars on working with persons with disabilities, began its work. On the other hand, in the conditions of Russia, such an initiative was an absolute novelty and did not fit into the existing regulatory framework or departmental interests. In Novouralsk, it was very difficult to implement such a project in practice.

Therefore, with the help of all the same Vladimir Golyshev, “Blagoe Delo” moved to the Verh-Neyvinsky, where it received at its disposal an empty two-stores building of the former kindergarten. It happened in the autumn of 2005, and soon the founders of the organization made a business plan, under which they received funding from the regional budget. As a result, the center for persons with disabilities, where workshops began to operate and the first 18 job places were created, became a reality in 2007.

Woodworking workshop of “Blagoe delo” in 2022

Today 6 workshops are opened in “Blagoe Delo”: woodworking, ceramic, paper, sewing, desing, and a workshop of wool and felt. Nowadays in our bank, there are the organization of international inclusive festivals, educational seminars, world and all-Russian congresses of persons with disabilities. Our specialists are the authors of the first in Russia methodological program for the transformation of psychoneurological boarding schools.

The non-profit organization (NPO) “Blagoe Delo” does not receive regular funding from the budget or from any Fund. We have the opportunity to work only thanks to your support.