Artisan workshops

There are six artisan workshops in the “Blagoye delo”: woodworking shop, ceramic studio, wool and felt studio, sewing studio, paper workshop and souvenir workshop. People with disabilities work there. By doing handicraft, they learn to do different assignments and they gain confidence not only in their work, but also in their life.

Handicraft helps a person with a disability to understand what he or she likes to do, make sure of his or her creative abilities, and mobilize physical strength. He or she can learn the teamwork. These workshops enhance the vocational rehabilitation and also provide socialization. This way a person with disabilities reveals himself as a person.

In the “Blagoye delo” we apply the trial method for rehabilitation. It combines work, training, and art. Persistent progress in the human condition occurs only if the work goes on in all those areas. And we fulfill that requirement.


We work on weekdays, from 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM. Everyone determines himself the length of work and frequency of breaks, but he keeps in mind that he has a plan for the day, and it is necessary to fulfill it and not to let the team down.


When a new person comes to the “Blagoye delo”, he starts to work in all workshops and tries different activities. Then he decides what he likes best. People start to do simple tasks and then little by little they learn to perform more complex ones. The learning process is constant, as it is the foundation of vocational rehabilitation


No workshop can exist without the art. We do creative works daily as well as our routine tasks. For example, we decide which colors to use for a new pair of slippers or a ceramic plate. It requires imagination and a sense of color and material.

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