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The Aristov’s House renovation. The start.

We have started the long-awaited renovation of the merchant’s house foundation. We plan to finish the renovation by December so the guys from the supported living project could move into the building. There the project, which is unique by its scope and importance for the Sverdlovsk Oblast, will be launched. The historical object will not only be renovated, it will also become a home for people with disabilities from neurological care homes and orphanages.

The “Blagoye delo”s supported living project is a special social project for those who have been excluded from society due to disability. The organization’s employees help them learn how to live independently: how to purchase products in the store, how to use bank cards, how to cook and arrange life conveniently. The Aristovs’ House should become a place for a fresh start for people with disabilities, and after that they will be able to live outside the neurological care institutions.

We are restoring the old house, not demolishing it, because the house is the central building of Verkh-Neivinsky, one of the oldest villages in the Urals, which had been founded in 1662. The house has strong walls, tempered by a recent fire, and the exterior decoration is well preserved. It refers to the decorative style, typical for the Urals. 

We have recently found the branded Skorokhodovsky brick, made at the Maxim Efremovich Skorokhodov’s factory in Novouralsk. This is a proof that we are on a right path. These bricks were renowned for their quality not only in the village, but also in the cities of Verkhny Tagil, Neivo-Rudyanka, Nevyansk, etc. It is a challenge to find a brick house in Verkh-Neivinsky that had been built not of the Skorokhodov’s bricks.

Now the partitions of the first and ground floors have been dismantled, the demolition of the ceilings has begun. Soon there will be strong exterior walls only. We hadn`t scheduled these works, but in a course of renovation it turned out that the wooden beams had rotted. Further, the ceilings will get the supports, the ground floor will be poured, and the partitions between the first and the second floor will be installed. Afterwards, the wiring and pipelines will be installed, the partition will be sealed and the home facelift works will begin.

The “Blagoye delo” have been awarded with the Presidential grant for the “Aristov’s House” project. It means they believe in us, and so we cannot let down either guys under our care or those who help us financially. The grant will be used for exterior decoration and furniture in order to make the house convenient for the supported living.