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And so we will live

The “Learn to live” project gains momentum. The supported living of two young people – Ivan Tyumentsev and Elena Grebenshchikova – is one of its areas.

Ivan is a graduate of the Novouralsky Technological College. He has already passed several stages of supported living, he has learned a lot about household chores. Now he faces another challenge: to understand himself, to learn what he really wants to do in life. While Ivan is rushing from one thing to another, it is difficult for him to share his problems, he can’t talk them out. Specialists had to teach Ivan to articulate what bothers him, to talk about his successes and failures, not to keep it to himself.

Elena came to the “Blagoye delo” from an orphanage. Most physical movements are truly difficult for her, but she overcomes difficulties patiently and persistantly. One can say that Elena equals optimism, so most things work out for her outwardly easily.

The project gives these guys an opportunity not just to learn how to live. Every day they learn new things in the financial area, their own security, everyday life. And that’s not all. Every day, specialists face problems of psychology, health, and the limitations of them in space. It is necessary to teach Ivan and Elena to live together, to be responsible for themselves and for others, to expand their world view.

In everyday life, the guys get along, help each other, know how to negotiate, sometimes even behind the scenes. You can’t hear the words “why me?” or “let him” from them. Elena teaches Ivan a positive outlook on events, Ivan helps Elena to be more focused.

All the guys need at the moment is a stable rhythm of life and inner peace. Our task is to provide it to them.

And so we will live.

The “Learn to live” social project is being implemented with the support of the “Absolut-Pomoshch” Charity Fundation

Text by Sergey Borodin