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How March will be remembered?

March was full of many interesting and important events for us. Now it's time to remember once again what was achieved by the “Blagoye delo” over the past month

Since March, the 1st, the project “Steps to the first profession” has started. It was implemented by our organization with the support of the charity fund “Sinara”. The program`s target is to teach the basics of carpentry to students with deviant behavior, disabilities, from troubled families. After the new tools and protective means were acquired for the carpentry shop, the first group of 10 students from the Novouralsks` schools No 1 and No 2 started to attend such classes. These schools implement adapted basic general education programs.


The conference by the international project “Building bridges” was held in Armenia 10-15 of March. It was attended by six representatives of the “Blagoye delo”. Experts from Armenia, Georgia, Norway, Russia and Kyrgyzstan discussed the organization of an inclusive festival in Yerevan, scheduled for autumn this year, and a number of issues related to modern methods of rehabilitation and socialization of people with disabilities.


On March, the 11th, the third group of residents entered the training apartment in Novouralsk, where a pilot program on the assisted living of people with disabilities is being conducted. This time they were Elena, the Nizhny Tagil resident, Igor and Anastasia from Yekaterinburg, and Valery, the “Blagoye delo” student.


We held the second seminar on the 18 – 20 of March, dedicated to the topic “Hospital-replacing technologies of life of persons with mental and multiple developmental disorders”, organized with the assistance of the Regional personnel center of state and municipal administration. 25 people from 8 cities of Sverdlovsk region took part in this event, dedicated to the issues related to the change of the hospital model of living of people with mental disability to alternative family-centered one.


During the month, the development of inclusive tourist routes and training of volunteers for the project “TeremArt, the Inclusive Park” continued. It is carried out with the financial support of the Presidential Grants Fund. From the 20th to the 29th the employees of our organization, who participated in the program, and local historians of the Verkh-Neyvinsky town carried out a cycle of lecture and tours for children from the Arapov`s school. In the future these children will be able to assist in conducting inclusive tours around the village.


“The school of inclusive growth”, a joint project of the Ural State Pedagogical University, the organization “Blagoye delo” and the Moscow branch of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, continues its active development. That month students and professors of the University exchanged visits with employees and children from our organization and held a number of joint theoretical and practical classes.