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How January will be remembered?

The first month of the new year is over, and now is the time to remember what we managed to achieve in January.

The second group moved into our training apartment located in Novouralsk. In addition to Novouralsk`s residents, Maria Mikhailova, Evgenia Shadrintseva and Andrey Kalinin, this group included Eugene Baranov from Kirovgrad and Vyacheslav Manerov from Nizhny Tagil. The experience of assisted living during the first shift was positive, so we continue to move forward.

Since January, two girls with disabilities — Veronika and Nastya have been trying to live on their own and rent an apartment in Verkh-Neyvinsk. They had already participated in the first two-month course of assisted living. Our specialists and volunteers work with them every day.

The ceramic shop of the “Blagoye delo” has achieved notable success in the design of new products. In many ways, this was the merit of Andrei Bekshaev and his creative approach to business. So, one of his most successful creative solutions was the production of piece author’s ceramics, decorated with drawings based on the works of famous painters of the past.

On January, the 25th and 26th we held a seminar “Formation of communicative competence for interaction with people with disabilities”, dedicated to the project “TeremArt, the Inclusive Park”, implemented under the Presidential Grant. These classes were prepared with the Regional personnel center of the state municipal administration. 40 representatives of the administration and institutions of culture and education of Verkh-Neyvinsky took part in that event.

At the same time, an open discussion “Translation as a means of social inclusion” was held in Moscow at the second International Forum Of Interpreters “The Global dialogue”, in which Elena Chudnovskaya, the linguistic coordinator of the “Blagoye delo” and Vera Simakova, the Director of our organization took part.

On January, the 28th, Mark Ofran, the Vice-President of the Valentin Haüy French Association of the Blind, visited our organization. Mark tried to work with wool and clay, and we asked some questions about how to conduct properly craft workshops for the partially sighted people within the framework of the “TeremArt” project.

Finally, that month our workshops received an offer to make gift sets for newborns, which will include children’s clothes and toys made by our children. This program was approved by the Governor of the Sverdlovsk region, and its main purpose is to support young parents, including the poor ones.