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«The wisdom of kindness and crafts» project


As you know, our society is becoming «older» and so the problem of social support for oldsters is very crucial now.

Someday we all would get into this category of people, and so we will need help. What kind of support we have to expect then?

Experience of Social Human Services shows that the best support an elderly person can get comes from his family within his familiar environment. Any attempt to replace domestic residence with «comfortable» conditions of any kind of a boarding or hospital causes stress and depression, leading even to premature death.

It’s good when an old man is surrounded by his family members and relatives, but what about those who are left alone?

Young people with disabilities are eager to help elderly people living alone because they also want to communicate with others and also suffer from isolation.

Under the «Wisdom of kindness and crafts» projects developed in «Blagoe Delo» and implemented during 2009-2010, special conditions for active communication and joint work of people with disabilities and older people in artistic and craft workshops and studio were created.


The project involved 39 people, all residents of Verckh-Neyvinsky town and Novouralsk city (10 seniors and 29 people with disabilities). The project has led to important results:
People with disabilities and lonely elderly residents got the possibility to meet each other; lonely and elderly residents were able to come together and make friends with each other and get support People with disabilities were given an opportunity to get advices from the oldsters in solving everyday life problems and in return made possible assistance in housekeeping and in home gardening for older people
Participants of the project at the same time were able to show their creativity and talent in singing, music, dancing at joint creative evenings and meetings. The project «The wisdom of kindness and crafts» was implemented by the CAF with the financial support of «Agate» foundation.

This article was prepared by a friend of our organization — Oksana Valevskaya