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Music that has no limits


Write by Evgeniya Stepanova

I managed to get there by any means. I made up my mind to be presented at that concert under any possible circumstances! Rain, snow, hurricane, absence of any transport, an earthquake — nothing could prevent me from being there. It promised to be exciting and to make a lot of noise. The first inclusive festival of live music, «All together» («Vse vmeste»), organized by Blagoe Delo, Belaya Trost’ (White Cane)  and the Ural’s Beatles Club.

The entrance was free; the festival itself has taken place in Verch-Neivinsk town, it that recreation center «Metallurg» (the former temple building), where The Lazy Boys from Germany, also helping Blagoe Delo, once were rocking. But if that day a concert hall looked like a philosopher’s glass (either half empty or half full…) yesterday it was full totally! People were standing! Who in the aisles, who somewhere near the entrance…



And all their songs I would soon learn by heart. I had to hold my legs not to let them kick someone near me. Who could know how difficult it is — to sit still when their music is played. It demand people to jump up! I was either lifting hands up or shouting like mad with them!
Time was merciless quick… It seemed that the concert have just begun — but in reality two hours have passed like one moment. At the break guests were offered coffee and souvenirs

But what was the best about all that is that all VIP — persons attending the concert did not differ from the crowd: there was no first or second row organized specially for them. Everybody tried to take just any of unoccupied seat as stand in was not very convenient. Even I decided just to sit down and not to be jogging with my Nicon here and there because there were so many photographers and cameramen that I would probably only spoil all my shoots peeking out from the crowd of their arms, heads and lenses. And sitting in the center I was able to make quite good photos. I’m happy for them even by myself!

The concert has begun somehow unexpectedly: Americans came up to the stage — and began bubbling in Russian! «Nash Russkii nesovershenen, poetomu my igraem musicu! (Our Russian is not perfect, so we play music), — they’ve lively said.



These were The Henhouse Prowlers (haha, referred to as Vorishki is Kuriatnika in Russian!) — bluegrass gang from Chikago. Just take look at this handsome buddies!

Sweetie Starr Moss
Double bass player Jon Goldfine looking so Injun
Ben Write was playing banjo and Dan Andree took the violin. What a lovely quartet!

On stage guys were making something close to the country style, very incendiary and funny. I have no words to describe that killjoy we were in because very rarely such music is heard in our «backwoods». Damn, it was a total blast for my right brain hemisphere!
Certificates of the festival participants and memorizing gifts were given to them by The European Union secretary in curative education, the initiator of the European congress party for disabled people and a member of the main committee of the First World Congress for people with disabilities — Thomas Kraus, who came from Berlin.
By the way, these first congress is to take place in 2017 in Ekaterinburg, and so the concert I’ve visited was a first step in preparation for it.

After the musicians from America wonderful people came up to the stage, and they, I have to plead, amazed me to goosebumps. I really felt like being in a kind of pleasant, slightly hypnotic stupor.

These ones were «Solnechnye Deti» (Children of the Sun), people from public organization supporting disabled people with Down’s syndrome and their families; their group is called «Solnechny’ Buben» (Sunny Tambourine).

With such a power and soul they banged in their djembe, bongos and tambourines that my heart started pounding like something was wrong with it…just like it wanted to get out of the chest! I crazily loved it. It excited and took me by.


Then the stage was occupied with well-known in Novouralsk band «Ryba-pila» (Saw-Fish). I’ve recently wrote about it, so here I’ll just mention that I’ve seen the familiar to us stage duo of Jonh Gluck (Evgeny Serebryakov) and Oleg Rumyantzev.



They also received certificates and gifts of festival participants.


And what I always like about «F and X» is that their leading singer, Vitalik, is always perfect on all my photos! Really, I haven’t got a single bad photo of him. That’s what I call a photogenic man!


And of course, powerful Alexandr!

And all their songs I would soon learn by heart. I had to hold my legs not to let them kick someone near me. Who could know how difficult it is — to sit still when their music is played. It demand people to jump up! I was either lifting hands up or shouting like mad with them!

Time was merciless quick… It seemed that the concert have just begun — but in reality two hours have passed like one moment. At the break guests were offered coffee and souvenirs



Here it was possible to make a contribution to Blagoe Delo by buying some nice souvenir that its participants make with their own hands. Also by their own hands blind people have drown a picture there.

Do you see a cow? I personally do.

That’s what creativity is! Understandable to everyone and having no limits!
I’ve just finished my coffee as «Baker Makers» from Tagil appeared on the stage. Such Beetles-styled guys who play well and song even better!


Racy rock-n-rolla Oleg Vackrushev


This guy was presented simply as Pasha


Paved Matveev is a bit like our Andrey Anfimov; I can even guess in what way — he knows how to play harmonica


By the way, Andrey Andimov is from those people whom I feel like knowing but never been acquainted in person. Sometimes I want so much to say «hello» but do not do it as formally we are unknown to each other. Am I a fool? But this jamb of mine I’ll mention below

Female vocal in «Baker Makers» is a special issue to talk over. They make such things with their voices… No, we definitely have nothing of the kind in our city.


They were given all deserved presents by Evgeniy Shapovalov, head of social policy of Novouralsk.

He also presented a bouquet of flowers to Blagoe Delo director — Vera Igorevna Simakova. Her smile is with us again!

But who impressed me mostly on this festival was Vladimir Rudak who came from Petrosavodsk, Karelya

He holds his own orchestra named «Kto kak moget» (Whatever everyone can). His songs were tight, lyrical and sad. I tried to catch his eyes with my camera…but he closed them like trying to feel every sang word

If anyone asked me with whom I would have loved to take picture with from the festival guests, I would have chosen Vladimir Rudak. I can say even more — I came across the possibility to do that. After the concert I met him twice. Nothing difficult was to come up and say «Hello, you made it great! Can we make a photo?» But…I’ve hesitated

And hesitation, I must say, dears, is nothing but a silly human pride. To come up to someone and to talk to him — oh no, I’m frightened! Of whom? Of what? I hate myself for that. But either way I do not smoke. Frankly speaking, I possess an awfully big pride like this, and that’s terrible. You know why? That’s my disability. The invalidity of my soul. Something that prevents me from being free and disturbs my self-developing. Every other morning I wake up with the thought that this day I’ll become better, but…damned it!

But passing through Vladimir Rudak, I’ve got to see his eyes. They are brown, live shining. And he somehow looks like Liam Nison, an actor. I decided that was enough for me. Though I would love to have a photo with him. Nice, he is so nice!

When Vladimir Rudak invited our Oleg Fedchuk, an author of blog ano_blagoe_delo, I felt even more inspired. They made a song together; by the way, Oleg has written his guitar instrumental part by himself.
It was supposed that Uralskie Pel’meni (ural dumplings) and Gagarin from «Sansara» would be presented on the festival, but from the Pel’meni’s part only an actress Julia Michalkova has come speaking.


She presented the musical band of Blagoe Delo, «Waves Band», where Oleg plays, and pointed that she had been friends with them for years and wanted to make some collaboration together

Also Lesha Fedunin played here

And then Peter Holm from Norway, old friend of Blagoe Delo, has joined the band
It was a cool blues!

After that Vera Igorevna with Alyona Konovalova came up to the stage to make several wonderful songs all together


They were the last among all participants; the last word belonged to Oleg Kolpashikov, the head of Belaya Trost’

He was speaking about very high level of the festival; he told that not only local people from Ekaterinburg, Novouralsk and Verck-Neivinsk were presented but also heads of different organizations for people with disabilities from Moskow, Tomsk, Chelyabinsk, Krym and Karelia were taking part in the happening. More than this, he expressed his happiness about the fact that the festival was international and united Americans, Norwegians and Germans

Really — all together we were

That was my attempt to produce the festival’s atmosphere in words. And here is the video of it by Stanislav Markevitch