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Music that has no limits



Write by Evgeniya Stepanova I managed to get there by any means. I made up my mind to be presented at that concert under any possible circumstances! Rain, snow, hurricane, absence of any transport, an earthquake — nothing could prevent me from being there. It promised to be exciting and to make a lot of […]

Living in the Encounter



Congresses are a free initiative and are organized on a voluntary basis but do not involve the establishment of a legal entity, and are meant for persons with disabilities. Even after the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities was adopted, such people still face discrimination and intolerance on a daily basis. Many […]

«The wisdom of kindness and crafts» project



As you know, our society is becoming «older» and so the problem of social support for oldsters is very crucial now. Someday we all would get into this category of people, and so we will need help. What kind of support we have to expect then? Experience of Social Human Services shows that the best […]