• Humanistic approach to personality and appreciation of its value regardless the level of psycophysical development and medical state.
  • Liberty to create, equality in rights, fraternity in work.
  • Self-actualization of disabled people through the realization of the right to work, training and inclusion to universal cultural advancement.
  • Target audience – people from 17 to 60 years of age with disabilities and psychophysical development particularities.

Our world is inclusive, different people can and should live there. Every day we prove, that inclusion is possible in all spheres of society`s life.

  • Inclusion through work (collective process of work, exchange of work products, service rendering and exchange of services),
  • Inclusion through art and communication (social communication, joint sociocultural activity, exchange of culture product, participation in life of local community),
  • Inclusion through training (getting knowledge, new skills, talents, social and personal competencies, sharing experience, formation of professional competencies).

Disabled people, who come to us, learn to express themselves and their needs, feelings and thoughts; they learn to trust the world beyond their home. They develop tactual and verbal skills, fine movements. They know, here they will be appreciated the way they are, they will get the necessary help and support.

Three directions of our activity:

  • Cultural and social rehabilitation.
    The possibility to create – it`s a life full of joy, new ideas and friends. We have several art workshops. Disabled people sing, dance, stage theatrical performances, play musical instruments and paint.
  • Professional orientation, vocational counseling and job placement.
    To be in demand is one of the basic needs of a person: to be needed, to be able to do something professionally. People with disabilities are trained to work with natural materials. They try in different workshops, they can choose something they like, improve their professional skills and get pay for that.
  • Training programs and seminars.
    We`ve been holding for 12 years seminars and certified programs on upgrade qualification for social workers together with leading universities of the Sverdlovsk oblast and universities of Sweden, Norway, the United Kingdom, Germany. Social workers, workers of residential facilities and social service centers are regularly trained in our organization, as well as employees of job centers, municipalities, non-profit and social organization.


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